Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Loading a Race Car Trailer in A Container

Australian Spec Race Car Trailer
This Aussie Spec race car trailer was specifically constructed for a customer of ours so that it would fit into a 40 foot shipping container. Its a great trailer that will be awesome for the customer to carry his cars around in Australia.
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Fold down couches on each side. Built in cabinets, work bench, and tool box
Extra access door on the side makes getting into and out of cars easier once loaded.

Electric Winch Hidden in the floor

It even has a shower in the front section

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A container is 92 inches wide at the door. That 92 is a hard number, so if something is 92 inches wide, it does not fit. It has to be under that number. Once inside a container opens up a little bit, but the door is our hard limit.

Getting ready to load. Lining it up
This trailer into the container is not just going to be wasted empty space. Inside the trailer - a Plymouth Duster.

Plymouth Duster inside race car trailer

Its a tight fit, but careful loading and a lot of eyes gets it in.
Fits like a glove
Nearly clear of the door

Once inside the wheels are chocked. It is strapped down at the rear and front. Braced at the front

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