Thursday, June 28, 2012

What Motorhomes Can Be Imported to Australia?

Information Regarding What Motorhomes Can Be Imported To Australia

Basically Nothing newer than a Manufacture date of 1st Jan 1989 can be Imported , except through a Registered Automotive Work Shop who have compliance for the particular Motorhome you are looking at .

Registered Automotive Workshops do not try to get Compliance on Motorhomes because of the huge variety of them , mostly every one of them is different , its far too costly to do it , they are not like a Chevy or Dodge Truck where they are all the basically the same .

We can only comply and convert to Right Hand Drive anything older than a manufacture date of 1st Jan 1989 , if you are restricted to this then you should buy the best that was available at that time , and that was the Diesel Pushers , that means a rear engined diesel , these are all built on Bus Chassis and they sit much higher than a normal Motorhome as they ride on 22.5 in Rims and Tires 

As Bus Chassis they all have the Engine back by the Rear Wheels and as such easily comply with Australias 60 % overhang rule, I have never seen one that did not comply , whereas 90 % of Front Engined Motorhomes will not comply because they are built on Truck Chassis .

Brands such as Monaco , Executive , Foretravel , Elite , Hawkins Motor Coach, Country Coach, Vogue, Rockwood, and Holiday Rambler all with diesel engines like Caterpillar, Cummins, and Detroit. These Brands all cost between $200000 to $300000 New and range from 32 to 40 ft in length , these are ideal Motorhomes for travelling Australia's wonders  and will last their owners a lifetime 

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